Since children learn best through exploration, play and hands-on experience, our curriculum uses individual as well as small and large group play activities to create balanced learning experiences and opportunities. Each classroom teacher implements lesson plans with developmentally appropriate schedules and play activities. Children rely on this daily routine to develop and sustain a positive adjustment to the nursery school and day care experience. Children who stay all day have afternoon quiet time for naps, as well as less structured play activities.

The MINS curriculum provides a Judaic educational orientation, offering a multi-cultural approach to learning. In each classroom we celebrate Shabbat weekly with songs and special foods. We observe important Jewish holidays by sharing holiday-related customs. We also include classroom activities related other holidays. We offer Judaic and other music opportunities with the Cantor and our music teacher.

Our curriculum is also organized around certain themes, for example: seasons of the year, animals, science, math, or other topics that reflect children’s interests. While we plan daily activities, we also remain child-centered and flexible when other opportunities for learning arise.

We believe that healthy child development matters in preschool learning. Children of all ages are encouraged to choose from a variety of activities planned to enhance their overall development. Our free play and structured group opportunities include: art; music; science discovery; dramatic play; manipulative games and puzzles; community trips and visits, and much more. These activities incorporate core learning about letters, numbers, colors, shapes and sizes as well as a broader appreciation of the larger community environment.

Our intentional play activities provide children with multiple opportunities to enhance competence and confidence in the following ways:
• practice large and small motor skills
• develop positive social skills and behaviors
• learn about themselves and others
• build self-esteem
• learn and practice language skills
• develop and refine individualized creativity
• pursue and develop their own interests
• express feelings and resolve conflicts
• explore materials, equipment, and natural objects
• develop and refine problem solving skills
• develop independence and autonomy

A unique component of our curriculum includes additional opportunities for enriched learning experiences. For an additional fee, parents may enroll their older preschoolers in “enrichment” classes that meet up to an hour and may include: yoga for children; make-a-mess art class; little Scientists; dance; Spanish; Tai Kwan Do; and specialized cooking.

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