Infants & Toddlers

The children are stimulated through a variety of interesting and engaging activities throughout the day. These activities promote and support development in all areas including gross & fine motor, language, listening, social skills, and emotional growth. The infants and toddlers enjoy days filled with music, finger plays, movement, arts and crafts, Hebrew language exposure and lots of TLC from our experienced, loving and talented teachers.

We provide a safe, secure and loving place for your baby to develop during his/her first year. Babies build physical strength, practice fine motor skills, and learn to understand cause and effect. Our nurturing environment is created to your child’s own schedule.

Toddlers are encouraged to develop their language, confidence, self-esteem and friendships. We help them investigate, explore, and connect through the use of play, music and creative arts. Sensory experiences help them to enhance their cognitive, motor aned social skills.

2 – 5 Year Olds

Our fully integrated Jewish curriculum emphasizes progressive Jewish values and ideals like community, mitzvot, tzedakah, kindness and friendship. Our dedicated teachers encourage creative thinking and play while promoting positive exposure to the fine arts.
Our Preschoolers love learning because it is always fun!

Two year olds learn how to play with others, share, wait one’s turn, become potty trained, recognize names, sit in circle for story, and speak understandably. The emphasis is on fine and large motor skills.

Three year olds learn to recognize and use letters of the alphabet and numbers, show and tell, talk in a group, wait one’s turn, raise one’s hand, and get in line. Activities are geared towards teaching fine and gross motor skills through the use of more complicated puzzles, markers, climbing big equipment, and manipulatives (toys requiring fine motor dexterity).

Four year olds begin learning to read, write, and use the alphabet, as well as to expand on communication, socialization, concentration, and fine and gross motor skills.  Activities include meeting time, show and tell, dress up with buttons and zippers, use of scissors, legos, and small blocks; conduct of science experiments.

Our Pre-Kindergarten class is designed to build on and enhance the social and educational skills of 5 year olds who are not quite ready for a formal kindergarten program or whose birthdays have just missed the cutoff date.


Tot Shabbat

We believe that our children should not grow up believing that the Torah is an object that we see once in a while and is primarily the domain of older kids and adults. The Torah and its stories and lessons should be accessible to children, along with the adults who care about them, in a safe, child friendly environment in which the children are encouraged to learn about our heritage. Tot Shabbats are designed with unique needs of children 6 years old and younger and their parents/guardians who wish to learn alongside them. Grandparents, other family members and friends are equally welcome.

Tot Shabbat Schedule

For more information, contact Director Susan Witten Nason at or (203) 288-2375.

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