Faith over Fear

World Refugee Day
“Faith over Fear”

According to the UN, 2016 had the largest number of refugees fleeing violence, over 65 million. This was an increase over 2015, already the largest number since WWII.
65+ million, an astonishing number seemingly impossible to wrap our heads or hearts around. But one of the things that the UN noticed was how communities of faith were responding – in Europe, in the Middle East, and here in the US.
To focus on this aspect they turned to UNICEF and an NGO, Religion for Peace. It is the largest international coalition of the world’s religions. A discussion was made to produce a documentary of how and why religious communities were responding to this international crisis.
Several months ago a film crew visited a German Christian family that had taken in a Syrian family. The film makers also flew to Rome to film the Pope’s welcoming another Syrian family. The third part of the trilogy was to be a Jewish community and its efforts in Refugee Resettlement. They chose our congregation, Mishkan Israel as representative, of our efforts over the last decades, first sponsoring seven Russian Jewish families, then a Bosnia Muslim family, an Iraqi Muslim family and most recently as we joined with several other synagogues and the Jewish Federation, a family from the Republic of Congo and two Syrian families.
The documentary is called, “FAITH over Fear.” Their question who, why, and how does our faith inform our actions.
Below is the link to our part in the effort. It has gone viral internationally in preparation for WORLD REFUGEE DAY, Today, June 20th. There have been 10’s of thousands of hits. You can view it below.

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